I decided to release my source to the maps. Have fun with it, but don't be a jackass and take all my jumps and take credit for them.

Normal Maps:

ga_scoutzknivez ga_scoutzknivez.zip( 202 KB) RMF My first regular type map, a scoutzknivez that has auto low gravity.
ga_forest ga_forest.zip (1,232 KB) RMF The only defuse map I've made so far. To me, it has a de_dust type feel, in how you play it.
ga_zelda ga_zelda.zip (110 KB) RMF This is an fy style map. I really don't like it much, I think it's a bit hard on the eyes, but maybe you will like it, lol.

Jumping Maps:

kz_mages_courtyard kz_mages_courtyard.zip (3,190 KB) RMF This was my first map I've ever made. It went through many stages and was a big learning experience for me, in terms of things you have to think about as far as mapping goes. You can spot many errors I made with this map, but I still think it's fun to jump.
kz_mages_courtyardez kz_mages_courtyardez.zip(3,045 KB) RMF(of the hard version) This is the same map as kz_mages_courtyard, with jumps a lot easier. I think this map is funner to play than the hard version, but still has all the issues of the old map.
ga_mathland ga_mathland.zip (3,356 KB) RMF Mathland was maybe the funnest map I've built. I built it just waiting to see peoples reactions at the nerdiness of it. I love the song it plays.
ga_costco ga_costco.zip (2,388 KB) RMF I think this is probably the best map I've made. I think it's fun to jump, looks good and avoids many of the issues that I've had in the past. One problem tho, is the r_speeds at some points, still really stinks. Which is too bad, I'd like to put some more detail in there, but I don't want the fps to be smashed any more than it already is.

Misc. Jumping Maps:

ga_bhopwarehouse ga_bhopwarehouse.zip (276 KB) No RMF This is a bunnyhop map, made specifically for the axn mod with bunnyjump on. You have to continuously bunnyhop and gain speed to beat this map. Then to get a good time, you need to water strafe around the boxes and hit the timer.
ga_bhopnewwarehouse ga_bhopnewwarehouse.zip (456 KB) RMF If you want an illustration of what some good mapping designs can do to increase the looks and playability of a map, take this map verses the previous one. I added lighting effects, used func_walls, new textures and the null texture to make the map, look way better and get better r_speeds.
ga_longjumps ga_longjumps.zip (308 KB) RMF This is a map produced to make a simple way to test how far you can long jump. It starts at a distance that is pretty easy, then goes on to get as far as possible and then some. The map also gives you all the weapons in the game so you can test out how far you can jump with them.
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